The barber history Where Are Barbers Come From

The Barber History

The history of barbering

To learn how to be successful in this industry you have to understand the history.

What is barbering to you?

The Barber business has a long history razors have been found the monks relics of the Bronze Age around 3500 BC in Egypt. In Egyptian history Barber work highly respected individuals. Priest and Men of medicine are the earliest recorded examples of Barber. Men in ancient Greece would have their beards, hair, and finger nails trimmed buy a barber in their Marketplace. Which also served as a social Gathering for debates and gossip of the time.

Barber History

Barbering was introduced to Rome by the Greek in Sicily in 296 BC and barber shops quickly became popular menu for daily news and gossip a visit to the barber became a part of the daily routine a young man’s first shave was an essential part of his coming to life ceremony if you Roman Barbers became wealthy and influential running shops that were favored a favorite public locations of high society however most were simple Tradesman who owns small storefronts or worked in the streets for low prices
Starting from the Middle Ages Barber often served as surgeons dentist along with doing haircuts hairstyles and shaving, Barbers perform surgery blood-letting leaching fire cupping and extraction of teeth Corning them the name Barber surgeon. The barber pole featured red and white spiral Stripes meaning different aspects of the trade. Barbers receive higher pay than surgeons and tell the surgeons were entered into the British war some of the barber duties include neck manipulation cleaning of ears and scalp draining of boils and Lancing of cyst with wicks
In the late nineteenth Century there were several noteworthy events in the barber profession that gave it an upward Trend and these effects are still carrying on today Barbershop function as its own world complicated and different of the outside world it was an environment that can bolster Egos and can be supported as well as a place where phony men can be destroyed or at least highly trained from participation in verbal contest and other contests of skill it was a retreat or some may say a heaven escape from nagging wives and the cares of the world it was a place where men could be men
1893 Moler of Chicago established a school for Barbers this was the first Institute of its kind in the world and its success was Apparent from the beginning it’s good for higher education in the ranks the parents school was rapidly followed by branches in every major city in the United States in the beginning of barber schools only the Practical work of Shaving haircut and facials and etcetera was taught as neither the public or the profession were ready to accept scientific treatment of Hair Skin and scalp at least not till about 1920 it was much more of an effort made then to professionalize the industry
In the 19 hundreds and alternative word for Barber common cosmetologist came into the USA in modern times the term barber is used both as a professional title and to refer to a hairdresser who specialize in men’s hair historically all hairdressers were considered barbers in the 20th century the profession of Cosmetology branched off from barbering and today hairdressers maybe licensed as either Barber or cosmetologist Barber differ with the respect to where they work with service they are licensed to provide part of the terminology depends on the state regulations
A lot of things have changed during the history of Barbering but a lot of history can be seen in many barber shops across the world today

So that’s a small look into barber history I hope you guys can take some knowledge from this and growing your career from it if you have any comments or suggestions please please leave them below. We work really hard to keep you guys up to date with the freshest information in the industry and also post like this because we can’t forget about the barber history

That the barber history

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