RONNIE BANKS TAPER FADE, How to do a taper fade


With this step by step guide you guys will learn exactly how to do the ronnie banks taper fade all the way from zero to hero this barber crushes this haircut . and blesses his client with a amazing taper fade! we hope with this videos you guys will learn the steps to the perfect ronnie banks taper fade!


Ronnie Banks is an actor and model who is engaged to Jasmine V. They met when he starred as the lead role in her music video for “That’s Me Right There” in 2014, and they began dating after that. They previously had an on-off relationship but had a daughter born in February 2016. Ronnie proposed in December 2016.

Life and career

Ronnie’s full name is Ronald Smith Quincy Hacket III. He grew up in Antioch, CA. He is Filipino and African-American.[1] Ronnie began his career on Youtube and posted his first Vine in May 2013 which expedited his riseto internet fame. He also began acting and making music. Ronnie has modeled for several brands. He has a large internet following and fan base.

Relationship with Jasmine

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